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PETA Calls Out Kanye Over Skinned Monkey “Eazy” Cover Art


The animal rights organization didn’t name Ye’s “Eazy” collaborator, The Game, in its rant.

In its first hours since Kanye West and The Gameshared their “Eazy” collaboration, reactions haven’t ceased. From fans to critics to downright haters, opinions have poured in from all corners of the Hip Hop globe. Many fans have noted that this version of Ye is reminiscent of his earlier catalog, while others are impressed by the Eazy-E “Eazy Duz It” sample that perfectly complements both Game and Ye’s lyrical approach.

Prior to the track’s release, the rappers teased “Eazy” by sharing not only a snippet of the song but also revealed the cover art that showed a skinned animal. Those with sensitive stomachs weren’t thrilled, including PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who penned a statement on social media.

“The disturbing image of a skinned monkey that @kanyewest shared serves as a reminder that there’s no real difference between humans and other animals,” the organization penned. “Their lives aren’t easy when we abuse and kill them for food, experiments, clothing, or entertainment — they’re not ours to abuse for any reason. #EndSpeciesism.”

Hip Hop artists have often found themselves on the receiving end of PETA’s criticisms and radical stances. The Game managed to avoid being in PETA’s crosshairs over this one, but the organization may have singled out Ye because, for years, they have targeted him and the Kardashian-Jenners for various reasons, including wearing fur.

Meanwhile, Game and Ye are being widely applauded for “Eazy” and this seems to have reignited an already heightened interest in both rappers’ next projects. Check it out below.


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