Pete Rock Slams Diddy For Bobby Brown Comment At 2022 BET Awards –


When Diddy accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award—presented by Babyface and Kanye West—at the 2022 BET Awards this past Sunday, his animated speech was full of gratitude and specific thank-yous to those who’ve influenced his personal and professional life.

One of those people was Bobby Brown, much to the surprise of some. Diddy stated, “I gotta thank the King, Bobby Brown […] He was the first chocolate boy wonder. He gave me a lot of confidence. Sometimes you don’t know the people you touch and Bobby, you touched me and I love you.”

Though at the moment, the endearing acknowledgment was recognized as such, Pete Rock took high offense to Diddy calling Brown, “the first chocolate boy wonder.”

The rapper-producer took to Instagram with his message to the Bad Boy mogul.

“ERASURE IS A REAL THING we doing this to each other now??? @bet @billboard We not alike. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS KNOCK THIS OFF!!,” he began. “…I know everything about you but i wouldnt call myself puff daddy when im THE REAL CHOCOLATE BOY WUNDA BOSS. You kinda came outta nowhere […] You cant erase what i have done in music or try to take my name lol. Everyone in hip hop knows who the chocolate boy wunda is.”

Rock continued his rant by dissing Diddy and bringing up some tension from back in the day. He claimed that Diddy cut him out of the “One More Chance” video after Biggie allegedly invited him personally. He continued, “There is no comparison dude. I been here before you. Dont let me go in on you cuz its a lot there. Just knock it off with the chocboywunda sh*t man. ? I’m flattered tho bruh but you wanted my attention i guess ok now you got it ? now use your own names. You got a few of em n***a. P Diddy Puff Daddy & dat Brother Love sh*t. I never wanted nothing from you, but stop calling yourself by my name. Its copy written. You wanna be the chocboywunda you gotta pay for it FOH @diddy”

Diddy has yet to address Rock’s allegations and tirade.


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