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Pharrell Reveals What Makes Kendrick Lamar Such A Great Songwriter


Pharrell had a ton of praise for Kendrick Lamar.

Pharrell Williams just dropped a brand new song called “Cash In Cash Out” with the likes of Tyler, The Creator, and 21 Savage. These are two incredible artists in their own right, so it only makes sense that Pharrell would want to work with them on a track. 

Of course, Pharrell has always had a great eye for talent, and he has no problem with delivering some praise when he sees fit. For instance, Pharrell has been listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, and just like the rest of us, he was amazed by Kendrick’s songwriting. In fact, while appearing on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 show, Pharrell unleashed quite a bit of praise on Kendrick and explained what makes him such an amazing and astute songwriter.

Pharrell Williams

Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Kenzo

“Kendrick is one of the greatest writers of our times, and he is a great writer because he knows how to be very disciplined with a subject matter,” Pharrell explained. “He knows that stickiness is important, and he knows that it has to feel great. So when we were making Mr. Morale, I watched the rhythms hit him and I watched it just bubble to the surface, whatever the song was making him feel, and I watched him commit to that, and I watched him stay disciplined. He’s different. In terms of this album, this whole body of work, there’s a whole lot of conversations that not only we as Black men but just men, period, and even other matters, just humans needed to talk about. It was like nobody was really saying it, and if they were, they weren’t really saying it in a cohesive way, and he just raised his hand and said, “I’ll do it.” This album’s going to be medicine to a lot of people.”

It is truly impossible to deny Kendrick’s ability, and it’s great to see him getting his flowers, especially after delivering a project following a five-year hiatus. Hopefully, Kendrick continues to create as his voice is certainly needed.

Pharrell Williams

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