Playboi Carti Is Ready To Risk It All With The Release Of “Narcissist”

Playboi Carti Is Ready To Risk It All With The Release Of “Narcissist”

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Playboi Carti tells his team to forgo sample clearances and drop “Narcissist” immediately.

Last month, Playboi Carti shared an exciting, yet extremely ague announcement with his fans. With one simple Instagram post, the Atlanta rapper revealed that Narcissist would be releasing on September 13, and although plenty of people weren’t exactly sure about what Narcissist actually was, many assumed that it would be Carti’s follow-up to 2020’s Whole Lotta Red. Unfortunately, Monday, September 13 — which also happened to be Playboi Carti’s 25th birthday — came and went without any morsel of new music.

In light of a new project, merch was eventually added to the Die Lit rapper’s website, but according to Carti, that was simply the result of his site being hacked. However, 11 hours later, it appears that Carti’s frustration with Narcissist‘s rollout has come to a boiling point. 

Playboi Carti performs at the 2019 Governors Ball Festival at Randall's Island on June 01, 2019 in New York City.
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In a recent tweet, Playboi Carti shared another screenshot of one of his group chats, and according to his text message, he is ready to drop Narcissist at any given moment, even if it means without proper sample clearance.

“Forget about sample clearances,” Carti told his group chat while writing in all caps. “Drop Narcissist.”

With an artist of Playboi Carti’s stature, it seems unlikely that he would risk major legal consequences from releasing an album without sending it through the proper channels, but perhaps Carti really is willing to risk it all. Stay tuned to see if Narcissist drops in the coming hours or if this is simply a ploy to build hype around Playboi Carti’s forthcoming release.

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