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Playboi Carti Says Boston Is His Favorite City In Interview With Rick Owens

Playboi Carti only shows us the most incredible, most intricate parts of his life.  

Spending most of his time in the shadows and popping out *just* often enough to keep the internet guessing about where he’s at and what he’s up to, the Die Lit rapper always makes sure to show us the most lavish parts of his life. Whether that’s hanging with the biggest names in music and fashion or designer drip anybody would be jealous of, the 25-year-old icon rarely gives us any glimpses into what his normal life is like. 

In a new interview with Sedition, however, Carti does just that. 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Sitting down with legendary fashion designer Rick Owens ahead of his upcoming Narcisisst tour and supposed album, Carti dove into a handful of topics including breakfast cereals and his favorite Northeast city. 

Written in what looks like chalk on a chalkboard, Owens starts out by asking Carti what his favorite breakfast is and also asks him to explain it. Carti, dipping into his nostalgia bag, kept it simple, answering “Corn Flakes with sugar. I just grew up with it.” And when Owens got around to asking the Whole Lotta Red rapper about his all-time favorite city, Carti responded with a semi-surprising answer. 

“Boston,” he told Owens. “I feel like I just never leave.” 

Boston, not known for being a hub of hip-hop or fashion, is an eye-raiser coming from Carti, especially with his New York ties, but it’s always interesting to hear where rappers of such a massive magnitude like to spend their time. Boston is a major city and the capital of Massachusetts but with a small-town feel and a whole lot of people who could care less what their grandmother is up to, nevermind a famous rapper. 

Carti, appearing on the cover of Sedition, also relayed a cryptic message, writing, “In my dream I was flying, dying, crying,” is set to hit the road for his Narcissist tour soon. It is yet to be seen if we’ll be blessed with a full Narcissist project before the tour but featuring stops in Nashville, Brooklyn, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta, fans will at least have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the “Magnolia” rapper. 

What do you think about Carti’s feelings about Boston? Let us know in the comments. 


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