Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock recently showed off his enormous new chain, boasting as he believes that it’s the largest-sized neckpiece in the entire rap game. Challenging jewelry lovers including the Migos, T-Pain, and other chain fanatics, PnB Rock says that he believes he has the largest chain in hip-hop, calling out Soulja Boy to prove him wrong.

As you’re likely aware, Soulja Boy claims to be the first rapper in the world to do absolutely anything, so it’s a must that he has the biggest chain in the game, right? 

“Yeah, man, Big P, man,” boasted PnB Rock from the jewelry store. “I got the biggest chain in the game, this shit a fucking ornament, n***a! Soulja Boy, what’s up, man?”

Rich Polk/Getty Images

The playful video shows the rapper balancing what appears to be an extremely heavy chain on his neck. It’s unclear if he’s joking around about the eagle hanging on his chest or if he seriously bought the piece. Regardless, it’s a pretty ornate pick-up for PnB, who already has an impressive jewelry collection.

Soulja Boy has yet to respond to the call-out, but you can rest assured that once he sees it, he’ll issue a response.

What do you think about PnB Rock’s new chain?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images