Police investigate SA crew member’s death on MSC Orchestra


A South African woman working aboard the MSC Orchestra died on Thursday night, 24 March. The cruise line says her death may have been an accident while the police have opened an inquest docket.


Crew Center – a website run by ex-crew members – reports on a variety of matters related to the cruise line industry, including deaths.

On Friday, it reported the death of a South African woman who worked in the crew mess on the MSC Orchestra.

“The tragic event reportedly took place yesterday in the crew areas after the crew member sustained severe injury,” said a source to Crew Center.

According to the website, an emergency announcement was made via the ship’s PA system and medical staff rushed to help the deceased but was unable to save her life.

MSC Cruises SA spokesperson Lebo Mavuso confirmed that a woman crew member died on the ship on Thursday night.

“We have been in communication with her family and extend our deepest condolences to them for their loss.

“The death, which we believe to have been of an accidental nature, as is usual under such circumstances, is being investigated by the local authorities and we will continue to provide every assistance,” said Mavuso.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Netshiunda told The South African that the police in Maydon Wharf, KwaZulu-Natal have opened an inquest docket after a 29-year-old woman “was found dead inside a cruise boat…”

Netshiunda said the woman was employed by the cruise ship and was on duty at the time of her death.

“Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the woman’s death,” said the police spokesperson.

The MSC Orchestra operates from Durban and offers 3 and 4-night voyages.


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