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Police Take Bam Margera To Rehab After More “Concerning Behavior”


The former “Jackass” star is reportedly back in a treatment facility after another concerning episode.

Bam Margera has had a tumultuous decade since the passing of Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn in 2011 and an even more tumultuous 2021. 

After revealing his bipolar disorder and finding himself in rehab amidst some bizarre and concerning Instagram posts back in February, everything seems to have gone even further downhill.

Just after the former skateboarder sought treatment for mental illness and substance abuse (he admitted he had broken his sobriety), he was fired from Jackass and it was decided that Margera would not appear in, or be a part of, the franchise’s upcoming film, Jackass Forever. Margera was seemingly replaced by former Odd Future member, Jasper Dolphin, and it was clear Jackass and its cast was ready to move on without him.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

If only it was that easy.

Upon learning of his firing from Jackass, Margera went on a sort of virtual rampage. Starting by saying Steve-O and the rest of the Jackass crew “betrayed” him, Margera took it farther when he reportedly sent death threats to the movie franchise’s director, Jeff Tremaine, and Tremaine’s children. Tremaine filed for a restraining order against Margera in May. The order was awarded in early June and Margera was ordered to stay away from Tremaine.

Margera then sued Tremaine and the rest of the Jackass crew in early August and the fallout from his firing has continued all the way up to this past weekend, when Margera was brought back to rehab by police after “showing concerning behavior” during his stay at a St. Pete beach hotel.

Authorities have stressed that Margera was not arrested. Upon responding to a call about the Viva la Bam star’s erratic behavior, the police were alerted to a court order directing Margera back to rehab and executed that order. No arrest was made and Margera was escorted to a treatment facility in Florida. The 41-year-old faces no charges.

What do you think of this most recent chapter in Bam Margera’s dramatic downfall? Let us know in the comments. 



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