Popular, mouth-watering light lunch for the kids


In the mood for some pizza? Try our super easy pizza toast recipe. It is lip-smackingly delicious and perfect to prepare on those busy afternoons when you are looking for a quick, tasty bite.

If you do not have ready-made pizza bases at home or do not have enough time to prepare your own pizza bases, you can always rely on slices of bread. Simply slather some pizza sauce on each slice. Next, top with cheese, your favourite pizza toppings and sprinkle oregano. Pop into the oven and wait for the cheese to melt to a gooey deliciousness.

Topping ideas for your toast pizza

Make your pizza bites perfect with your favourite toppings. Try some ham and pineapple for a Hawaiian taste. Alternatively, try some mushrooms and spinach for a vegan option. You can also put some slices of chorizos for a meatier option. If you have some leftover chicken, why not create a chicken mayo pizza?

If you want to cheer up your kids, prepare some toast pizza for them for lunch after school.

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