Pras Reveals Ms. Lauryn Hill Initiated The Fugees’ Reunion Tour –


News of legendary hip-hop group the Fugees reuniting onstage for the first time in 15 years sent shockwaves through the music community leaving fans salivating at the thought of group members Ms. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras performing their greatest hits in tandem.

Prior to the Fugees putting on a free concert on the rooftop New York City’s Pier 17 this past Wednesday (Sept. 22), group member Pras revealed that the Fugees’ upcoming 12-city reunion tour, which is slated to kick off in November, was originally Ms. Hill’s idea.

“It was kinda initiated by Ms. Hill,” Pras told Billboard. “But the idea was floating around since last year. But you know last year with the pandemic, nobody really knew which way the world was going. It happened organically. She reached out to Wyclef and they reached out to me. I said, ‘Listen, if it feels right, let’s see what happens.’ I think the culture really needed it, wanted it, so we’re just giving them what they want.”

When asked if the upcoming tour could result in the Fugees recording a comeback album, Pras was non-committal to that prospect, but noted that the group has already tapped back into their performative chemistry, particularly Ms. Hill.

“I come in there and they’re already in there, starting to put things together and I’m observing, feeling the energy. She [Ms. Hill] started singing some riffs, and I’m like ‘Oh! It’s feeling like ‘98!’” he recalled.

The Fugees, which disbanded following the release of their multiplatinum sophomore album, The Score, are hitting the road as a unit for the first time in over 20 years to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary. The 12-city tour, which kicks off on Nov. 2 at the United Center in Chicago includes stops abroad, including France, the U.K., and Africa.


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