Professional Golfer Gene Siller was shot and killed on the 10th hole at Kennesaw’s Pinetree Country Club, Saturday, after a white pickup truck drove onto the course and opened fire.

A witness says Siller saw the car crash into a sand trap and approached the vehicle to investigate when the driver fired several shots.

“Then nothing went on, and immediately members reacting like ‘I think there might be gunshots’ and then apparently somebody was down on the ground,” he recalls. “Then it was kind of like a frenzy, everyone was trying to figure out what was going on.”

After finding Siller’s body left on the 10th hole, police investigated the truck which remained in the sand trap. Inside they found the two bodies, both dead from gunshot wounds.

Siller has been competing in the Georgia PGA Section since 2007.

“Tragedy has stricken the Georgia Section PGA in the loss of our Member, Gene Siller,” Georgia PGA said in a statement on Twitter. “Thoughts and prayers for his family and the Pinetree Country Club family.”

Siller is survived by his wife and two children. A GoFundMe has raised over $160,000 for his family.

“We are asking for donations to help Gene’s precious family in this terrible time of need,” the GoFundMe reads. “Please keep Gene’s family as well as his Pintree family in your prayers.”