The story of Megan Thee Stallion’s rise in the Rap game has been shared dozens of times. The Houston native has described being a rhyme-writing hopeful, following in her mother’s footsteps. Megan has shared stories of being in the studio with her late mother, watching in awe as she recorded music, but what not many knows is that Q-Tip was a supporter of her career.

Megan previously spoke about Q-Tip’s co-sign in an interview back in 2019, but a recent clip from Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion shows the A Tribe Called Quest icon discussing his frustration with labels who failed to sign Megan.

Megan Thee Stallion
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“We call her house, her mom’s on the phone. I’m talking to her mom like, ‘Yo, I saw your daughter. She’s incredible,” he said, adding that because he had an insignia deal with Columbia Records, he had the opportunity to sign artists. Megan was one of his potential signees so he flew her to New York for a meeting with the iconic label.

Q-Tip explained that at the time, he had an “insignia deal” with Columbia Records, and was looking to sign new artists. He brought Megan to New York and set up a meeting with Columbia, but it wasn’t as successful as he had hoped.

Megan Thee Stallion
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“The head of the company wasn’t there, Ron Perry, I guess he was detained, but we took the meeting anyways,” said Q-Tip. “We sit at the meeting, it’s great. The dude comes back, ‘We saw the views, she’s good, we saw the views and everything, it was whatever. We could give her like $30,000.’ Just say you don’t wanna f*cking sign her, B. Don’t f*cking embarrass me like that.”

When he took things over to his label, Def Jam, he received a similar response. Q-Tip said that executives told him that the “co-sign” was no longer something labels were interested in and they were prioritizing data and numbers over anything else. Megan currently has deals with 300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records, and 1501 Certified Entertainment.