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Quavo Explains “Straightenin” Lyrics Seemingly About Saweetie & The Repo’ed Bentley


Quavo unpacks some of his “Culture III” lyrics which are seemingly about his ex-girlfriend Saweetie.

Saweetie could care less about a Bentley that was repo’ed from her… she’s got a Rolls-Royce now and she’s still shining. The birthday girl got a brand new whip this week, celebrating Cancer Season in style with dozens of her celebrity friends, including Chloe Bailey, T.I., Tiny, and more. 

During the aftermath of her breakup with rapper Quavo of the Migos, the Bentley has been a massive topic of conversation. Customized in icy blue with special stitching on the seats, Quavo got Saweetie the car for the holidays a few months ago before they split up and the car was stripped from her possession and sold at a used vehicle dealership. The two artists have made reference to the Bentley in their songs with the most blatant petty lyric coming from “Having Our Way.” Quavo also seemingly raps about the gift on “Starightenin,” for which he unpacked the lyrics this week.

“Put that shit on, n***as get shit on, I bought two whips and I put my bitch on, she put this wrist on,” says Quavo on the song. The single has been performing well for the Migos and during their Verified episode on Genius, Quavo explained that everything he touches turns to gold.

“I bought two whips… when I bought me a whip, I bought a Bentley and she put this wrist on and I put my bitch on,” said Quavo. “Anything Quavo touch, anything I put my Huncho Hands on gone go up. Anything I touch so [it’s] self-explanatory on what I put on and who I put on and what I bought.”

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images 

Saweetie was already pretty hot by the time she got into a relationship with Quavo a few years ago. There likely isn’t any denying that a whole new audience of hip-hop fans were exposed to her through her pairing with Quavo, but the same can also be said for Q. As Saweetie’s profile continued to rise, the “FLIP THE SWITCH” rapper saw added benefits as well, being involved in one of the most eye-popping rap relationships of the last few years.

Watch Quavo explain his lyrics below.


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