From the looks of things R. Kelly is doing everything in his power to challenge the racketeering conviction he received back in September. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Jennifer Bonjean, who aided Bill Cosby in the appeal of his sex crimes conviction earlier this year, has signed on to the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer’s legal team.

The attorney said that she will “spearhead Kelly’s post-conviction motions,” and if U.S. District Judge Anne Donnelly denies the artist a new trial, she plans to “work on an appeal before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Michael Abbott/Getty Images

Post-trial motions are supposed to be submitted by this coming Monday, but Bonjean has allegedly asked for a two-month extension, and is “looking forward to getting familiar with the record.” The 51-year-old also shared her thoughts on how R. Kelly’s case has been handled thus far.

“I am becoming increasingly concerned with how the government is abusing the RICO statute in order to plead around the statute of limitations and essentially put people’s entire lives on trial,” the told the Tribune. “It’s becoming a formula for the government. You have a right to defend yourself against specific allegations.”

Bonjean revealed that she’s seen similar things occur elsewhere in her caseload – specifically in the instance of NXIVM sex-cult leader, Keith Raniere, who faced a conviction under the RICO statute while in the same courthouse that Kelly was in. 

Earlier this month, one of the singer’s victim’s, Faith Rodgers, stated that she doesn’t believe R.Kelly can be successfully rehabilitated unless he takes accountability for his actions, and even then she has her doubts.

Do you think that Jennifer Bonjean will be able to work her legal magic on R. Kelly’s case, or will he finally have to face the music?