R80K for roses? SA can’t deal with this pricy Valentine’s Day package!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner here in Mzansi and outlets are going out of the way to market their gifts and packages. South Africans have been left absolutely shocked by one company’s high package prices. The packages include roses, balloons, and sparkling wine – but people still find it absolutely bizarre.

Valentine’s Day: Are you willing to blow R80k on a big rose and balloon packages?

For many couple’s Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days of the year and of course, expensive gestures are made by both men and women who want to show their loved ones just how much they mean to them.

While some people splurge on romantic dates, others simply buy small gifts.

Those people who don’t think spending a lot of money is necessary, have been left shook by a package deal that was shared on Instagram by Eats & Treats by PJ.

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The post advertises package deals that are created by the company which includes R5000 for 100 roses, a bottle of sparkling wine. This package, however, isn’t the one that knocked the socks off from social media users.

The one that many questions were raised about is the R80 000 one which offers buyers 3000 red roses, 1000 helium balloons, a balloon garland, 1000 reasons why, two bottles of sparkling wine, and a few other things.

See their full offer below:

Mzansi reacts

While the package sounds like something out of a high-budget romance movie, it is something not many people agreed is worth the money. A lot of them took to Twitter where they made hilarious jokes about the prices. Read some of the comments below:

@Lebzz_Khutswane said:

“I guess we are not the target market because once I saw 50 balloons I was shocked.”

@ThulaniSundu said:

“And what must happen to the 1000 roses and balloons the next day? Hayi guys.”

@Athee__M said:

“I would have a heart attack if I found out you paid 80k for a Valentine’s Day setup and not given me the money, I’d scream.”

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