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Rajon Rondo Reportedly Pulled A Gun On His Baby Mama: Details


Rajon Rondo reportedly had a violent outburst that included waving a gun at the mother of his kids.

Rajon Rondo’s baby mother Ashley Bachelor has been granted a protective order for her and her two children with the NBA star. This is all stemming from an alleged violent outburst that took place last week on May 11th, according to TMZ. 

The altercation reportedly started while Rondo was playing video games with his son. Bachelor claims that she came in to ask her son to do a chore related to the laundry. Rondo did not appreciate this, and immediately got upset to the point where he was ripping the console out of the wall. In fact, Rondo even threatened Bachelor by saying “You’re dead.”

Following the altercation, Rondo reportedly left the home for just 15 minutes, although when he returned he had a gun with him and he began banging on the windows with it.

Rajon Rondo

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

While at the house, Rondo demanded for his son and daughter to come outside. Bachelor eventually let them out of the house as she was fearful of what he may do. Rondo allegedly reprimanded his kids for being scared of him which ultimately made the situation worse. A few minutes later, Rondo’s parents showed up which eventually deescalated the situation. Just two days after the incident, Bachelor applied for the protective order.

Rajon Rondo

Sarah Stier/Getty Images



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