Randy Moss Gets Emotional Discussing Jon Gruden’s Racist Email

Randy Moss Gets Emotional Discussing Jon Gruden’s Racist Email

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Randy Moss got emotional on “Sunday NFL Countdown” while discussing Jon Gruden’s racist emails.

Randy Moss spoke about Raiders’ coach Jon Gruden’s recently resurfaced racist email on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown and got emotional, this weekend. The 2011 email featured Gruden telling Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen that NFLPA DeMaurice Smith “has lips the size of Michelin tires.”

“We’re going into the 21st century, OK?” Moss said on the program. “And instead of us moving forward, we’re moving backward. And I really don’t know what percentage of the National Football League is Black but I know it’s over 50 percent, 60-70 percent. And I know we generate a whole lotta money for this National Football League and for you to hear Adam Schefter talk about some discipline from [Raiders Owner Mark] Davis, the clock is ticking! We are watching to see what the National Football League is going to do!”

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Moss played for the Raiders from 2005–2006, but Gruden was not with the organization at the time.

“I speak about the game of football,” he explained. “I fell in love with the game of football at six years old, and I get emotional talking about it because of situations like this. My civil rights were taken — were kind of messed with in high school, over the color of my skin. And now being able to play 14 years in the National Football League, to have something like this of a leader — we talk about leadership, we give guys these big contracts because they want to be able to lead 70 men, coaches, equipment staff and managers, to the number one goal, and that’s to win a championship. And for us to be moving back and not forward in the 21st century like I said, man. National Football League, this hurts me. The clock is ticking, man. I’m sorry.”

Check out Moss’ appearance on Sunday NFL Countdown below.


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