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Ray Vaughn Is Rich In Spirit, Yet Hungrier Than Ever On “Not Allowed”

Some people say that they’ve made it when they achieve fame or earn a lot of money, but according to TDE’s new signee Ray Vaughn, teaming up with one of the music industry’s most critically acclaimed labels was what did it for him. “MOMMA I MADE IT ! Imma TOP DAWG now,” the Long Beach artist said on Wednesday when officially announcing that he had signed to TDE, but the music that accompanied his announcement was even more intriguing.

For his first official move with TDE, Ray Vaughn dropped the brief, three-track EP Peer Pressure, and from the opening track, the rising rapper’s infectious charisma immediately pulls you in.

The way in which Ray Vaughn delivers the opening lines of “Not Allowed” is akin to how Meek Mill approached the first half of “Dreams & Nightmares (Intro).” The Long Beach artist raps with an insatiable hunger while dropping witty bars about TDE and ultrasounds, and when the beat finally comes in, he absolutely erupts with energy. Coupled with a refrain like “I’m rich in spirit ain’t no way I’m gon’ die broke,” Ray Vaughn’s first statement as a TDE artist is a promising one.

Give “Not Allowed” a listen below, and if you’re feeling the newest TDE signee’s sound, check out the rest of Ray Vaughn’s Peer Pressure EP here.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m a walking cheat code, turn a nun to a freak ho (Freak ho)
Been blunt like a pre-roll (Pre-roll), I’m the neighborhood hero
It’s funny how I got all this drive and, back in the day, I got repo’d
Help I got, nigga, zero, and I do it big like fee-fo 

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