Red River Métis Ambassador represents the Nation at 2022 UN Forum on Indigenous Issues


WINNIPEG, MB, IN THE NATIONAL HOMELAND OF THE RED RIVER MÉTIS, April 27, 2022 /CNW/ – The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), the National Government of the Red River Métis, also known as the Manitoba Métis, is delighted to announce our upcoming participation in the 2022 session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII).

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), the National Government of the Red River Métis Logo (CNW Group/Manitoba Metis Federation)

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), the National Government of the Red River Métis Logo (CNW Group/Manitoba Metis Federation)

MMF Ambassador of International and Inter-Nation Relationships, Clément Chartier, will be attending the Forum in-person on behalf of the Red River Métis. He will engage in important discussions around this years’ themes of business, autonomy, and human rights principles of due diligence including free, prior, and informed consent. As we know in Canada, the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate is very important to the Red River Métis across our Homeland. The MMF continues to work diligently to enhance federal and provincial government understandings of their responsibilities to the Red River Métis. This includes putting their duty to consult into practice, ensuring the protection of our rights and lands.

“We have been continually growing our economic strength as we educate our global community about who we are,” said David Chartrand, President of the MMF. “This is the first year that we, unlike various other Indigenous organizations, are at the Forum as the federally recognized government of the Red River Métis, so it is even more important that our model of collectivity is represented. Having our experienced and highly knowledgeable Ambassador attend will ensure we remain strongly represented.”

Over many years, Ambassador Chartier has developed extensive relationships with Indigenous peoples all over the world. Previously the President of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples, he has had many opportunities to engage with other Indigenous Nations and foster positive working relationships with them.

“The MMF has been focused on making investments into the long-term economic well-being of the Nation, including the development inter-Indigenous trade across the Red River Métis Homeland in the West, as well as internationally with Indigenous peoples in Colombia and Peru,” said President Chartrand. “We hope to continue to expand our international trade in the near future to include Indigenous peoples in the United States.”

Individuals can watch all open meetings of the Forum which will be streamed at (see: ).

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The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) is the democratic government for the Manitoba Métis, also known as the Red River Métis, the origin and core of the Métis Nation. The Manitoba Métis are Canada’s Negotiating Partners in Confederation and the Founders of the Province of Manitoba.

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