Right Said Fred Was Thrilled That Drake Used “I’m Too Sexy” Sample For “Way 2 Sexy”

Right Said Fred Was Thrilled That Drake Used “I’m Too Sexy” Sample For “Way 2 Sexy”

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The English band members have no hard feelings towards Drake for using the “I’m Too Sexy” sample.

Last week, producer TM88 revealed that it was Future’s idea to include the “I’m Too Sexy” sample in what-would-become a Drake smash hit “Way 2 Sexy.” 

“That sample was actually Future’s idea,” TM88 explained. “He was like, ‘Man, add this sample in there.’ And my boy who is his engineer, he was like, ‘I got it.’ He found the sample and put that little piece in the beginning. It happened to just ride through.” 

TM88 also said that he knew Future was going to put Drake on the record.


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“I feel like the whole time, in Future’s mind, he was going to put Drake on it anyway,” the producer said. “We tried these new drums from this kit we got, and man, it was going so crazy. I had to give it to Future. … And Drake getting on the song, you see what it did.”

“What it did,” as TM88 alluded to, was shoot to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (a position it recently surrendered to Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber’s “Stay”) and also grab the attention of the original “I’m Too Sexy” creators, English band Right Said Fred. 

Right Said Fred, consisting of brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass, however, told TMZ they were thrilled to see their 1991 record turned into a Drake, Future and Young Thug #1. 

right said fred

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Making sure to clear up any rumors that Drake or Future or anybody, for that matter, jacked their song, Right Said Fred acknowledged that they were credited as co-writers on the song and that they even heard the song before it was a finished product. Telling TMZ that they appreciate Drake’s “talent, creativity and sense of humor in his videos,” Right Said Fred said they hadn’t spoken with the Toronto rapper about the record, but that they had seen a spike in their own sales since “Way 2 Sexy” dropped and that they wanted to invite Drizzy to dinner to “celebrate their shared success.” 

A relatively heartwarming sidenote to the massive success that has been “Way 2 Sexy,” it’s nice to hear that all artists involved with a record of this magnitude received their just due and hold no hard feelings over the attention the track has garnered. 

Even though “Way 2 Sexy” was surpassed on the Billboard Hot 100 yesterday, are you still bumping it? Are you too sexy for this world? Let us know in the comments. 


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