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Rihanna & John Mayer Spotted Having Dinner In West Hollywood


The two megastars grabbed dinner in Los Angeles.

Rihanna and John Mayer are two of the biggest names in modern day popular culture. 

There’s no two ways around it. 

Whenever either party does anything at all, it is reported on and with their dedicated and loyal fanbases, their accomplishments are celebrated tirelessly.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Mayer has quietly been on a nice, little run in 2021. Releasing his eighth studio album Sob Rock back in July, Mayer was awarded the MTV VMA for Best Rock Video and recently shut down The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with an intimate performance of “Wild Blue.” 

Rihanna has been on a nice run, too, but hers has not been so quiet. 

Officially reaching billionaire status in August, the ANTI singer and Savage x Fenty creator has reached the upper echelons of fame and is turning into more and more of an icon with every passing day. From reaching ten figures in the bank to showing up the rest of the field at this year’s Met Gala to her plans to open Savage x Fenty stores in 2022, everything Rihanna does feels like an event and it’s clear she has reached the upper stratosphere of fame and importance.

That’s why it feels relatively important that Mayer and Rihanna were spotted grabbing dinner together at the San Vincente Bungalows in West Hollywood earlier this week.

No details regarding why the two met up for dinner or what they discussed have been revealed but fans are hopeful a possible musical collaboration is on the horizon. Rihanna has not released an album since 2016 and, despite the “where’s the album” meme, fans are really wondering — where is the album? And Mayer, known for his ability to create the perfect environments for perfect songs, could potentially be helping Rihanna with new music, that is, if new music even exists. 

Without any more context or information, a John Mayer/Rihanna dinner is just that — a dinner — but with their long friendship and combined musical prowess, it’s understandable how this kind of link up could lead to speculation about a possible collaboration. 

Keep it locked on HNHH for any updates on this Los Angeles dinner and in the meantime, let us know what you think of a possible Mayer x Rihanna collab in the future. 



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