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Roddy Ricch Offers An Update On “Feed Tha Streets 3”

Roddy Ricch Offers An Update On “Feed Tha Streets 3”

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Roddy has been hard at work.

Roddy Ricch was on top of the world back in 2019 following the release of Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social. A few years later, Roddy came up with his follow-up called Live Life Fast. This album turned out to be one of the most divisive albums of the entire year, as many felt like Roddy was punching below his weight. While others enjoyed the project quite a bit, there have been discussions online about whether or not the artist has fallen off.

These discussions are typically extremely unfair. In today’s social media age, attention spans are absurdly short, and people don’t give artists a real opportunity to grow. Having said all of that, Roddy remains motivated to give his fans the best, and it appears as though he has more music coming later this year.

Roddy Ricch

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For months now, Roddy has been teasing us with the project Feed Tha Streets 3. His infamous mixtape series is a huge fan favorite and his supporters have been looking forward to a trilogy project. Well, Roddy took to his Instagram story today, where he confirmed that the mixtape will be dropping at some point in 2022. As you can see, he seems pretty excited about this prospect.

This could be a moment for Roddy to redeem himself in the eyes of some fans. No matter what, it is clear that there are plenty of fans who are still rocking with one of the most promising young songwriters in hip-hop today.

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