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Roddy Ricch Previews New Music


Roddy Ricch previews a laid-back song from his new album “LIVE LIFE FA$T,” which is set to be released in the near future.

Roddy Ricch is on the verge of delivering his upcoming album LIVE LIFE FA$T, a title he confirmed a few weeks ago. Alas, he neglected to share a release date, though he did recently confirm that the project was in the mastering stages.

Perhaps it’s fair to assume that Ricch will be delivering more concrete news on the album — possibly even the album itself — in October. Case in point, the Compton rapper recently shared a promising new song preview, presumably from the upcoming LIVE LIFE FA$T. 

Roddy Ricch

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 

Produced by DA Doman, the track finds Roddy taking to a smooth instrumental. “Take my bitch somewhere tropical,” he says. “No obstacles/ 2022 I ain’t trying to see no obstacles.” Later, he drives his cadence to a higher pitch. “Seven point five, whenever you pull up its gated / long as you never betray me, how can you never betray me,” he wonders. “I pass all the money.”

It’s certainly interesting to see how Roddy opts to attack this one, approaching the instrumental with a slow and extremely laid-back, minimalist flow. Perhaps it’s a sign that LIVE LIFE FA$T will be more methodical, a contrast to the expectations suggested by the album’s title. Of course, this is only one snippet, and it will likely gain new significance in the context of the full tracklist.

Check out the snippet below, and sound off if you think this DA Doman-produced new snippet sounds like a promising addition to Roddy’s LIVE LIFE FA$T.


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