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Roddy Ricch Teases New Song That Could Land On Upcoming Mixtape


He sounds like the old Roddy on this snippet.

Roddy Ricch was never known to miss when it came to any music he released, up until last month’s Live Life Fast. His long-awaited sophomore studio album was received with mixed reviews, with some being extremely critical of his approach to the record.

In response to these complaints, as well as shockingly low first week sales, Roddy Ricch decided to redeem himself as soon as possible. He took to Twitter to announce that his upcoming mixtape Feed Tha Streets 3 is now in the works: “FTS 3 comin 2022, u n***as playin wit my top.”

The Feed Tha Streets series, particularly FTS2 is what attracted fans to Roddy in the first place. His melodic prowess, unique vocal inflections and crooned hooks over piano and string infused instrumentals led to a tracklist of continuous bangers on 2018’s Feed Tha Streets II.

While he has not announced a release date for the new mixtape, it seems like he is actively cooking up songs in the lab at the moment. Last night (Jan. 11), he posted a snippet on Twitter of one of the songs that we can expect will be included on FTS3 titled “2×2.”

In the 38-second teaser, Roddy opens with his vintage “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” intro ad-lib which he popularized during the Feed Tha Streets era. The entire snippet, with a groovy piano beat, sounds like a return to that era, as he fluctuates between octaves in sung bars with ease and shows much more charisma than he did on Live Life Fast.

Check out the snippet for “2×2” that Roddy posted below.


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