As part of the Joe Budden Podcast, Rory Farrell and Jamil ‘Mal’ Clay became two of the most entertaining music podcasters in the country. After their shocking split from the show earlier this year, they returned with their own podcast, which they fully owned. On Thursday, they announced that they will be moving to SiriusXM under a new deal, which allows them to keep ownership of the show.

Signing with SiriusXM’s Stitcher through the More Sauce label, the first episode of Rory and Mal’s new show will be released on November 2. New installments of the show will be uploaded every Tuesday and Friday.

The podcasting team spoke to Vulture about the new deal.

“I feel like podcasting has become pretty static and a little oversaturated, where everyone is just setting up microphones and talking about the same thing every single day,” said Rory. “It’s become, like, the new mixtape or the new merch line.”

He continued, “I think the whole world saw what Mal and I stood for, and where our heads were as far as what we were going to tolerate and not tolerate. We weren’t just going to do a deal just to do a deal. We’ve publicly turned down more money than most podcasters have ever dreamed to see. So we’re not doing something unless it’s a deal that’s fair.”

Congratulations to Rory and Mal on the new deal. Will you be checking out their podcast on SiriusXM?