Rowdy Rebel Assists Ron Suno On “What They Gon Say (Remix)”


Ron Suno has steadily glowed up over the past year and some change. From viral social media figure to a frontrunner of Bronx’s drill scene, Ron Suno has continued to deliver banger upon bangers and it seems like he’s readying to have the summer on lock.

Last year, the rapper released the single, “What They Gon Say” ft. Zay Munna at the tail end of 2021. While the song gained significant buzz, he’s now teamed up with Rowdy Rebel for the official remix. Suno’s massive personality meets Rowdy Rebel’s flamboyant flow to elevate the 2021 single into a potential anthem for the summer.

Rowdy Rebel’s dished out a handful of new singles since the top of the year including “Woo Nina” and “Rowdy Vs. Rebel.”

Check out the latest from Ron Suno below. 

Quotable Lyrics
$2500 just to step
$50,000 what I brought in the jet
Another 50 I just put on my neck
Another 50 that I keep in the Drac’
One in the face


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