Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda had the Summer Jam audience going nuts after French Montana brought them out as surprise guests during his performance, but they were only on stage for a few moments before having their microphones cut off. Rowdy Rebel has since spoken out about what happened, apologizing to his fans for the short performance.

Taking to Instagram, Rowdy told his fans, “Smh I apologize to all my fans & Supporters For Last Night Certain Things I Can’t Control & Was out of my Hands.. it’s No Love Lost.”

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Fans have been complaining about Rowdy and Bobby being forced off the stage, despite the crowd screaming for more. According to some people who were at the show, the rap duo only performed “Hot N***a” before their microphones were disabled. 

Thankfully, Rowdy will be able to entertain his supporters again next weekend, announcing that he will be appearing at Agua NYC for their all-water event on Saturday. Hopefully, he lets the promoters know to keep his microphone on for longer than a few minutes.

Elsewhere at Summer Jam, rapper DaBaby performed for the first time since his controversy at Rolling Loud, calling his critics “cry babies” and thanking Hot 97 for continuing to give him a platform despite his homophobic remarks, which have gotten him cancelled from over a handful of festivals. Read more about that here.