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Rudy Gobert Speaks Out On NBA’s Drug Testing Policy


Rudy Gobert isn’t fazed by what’s happening in the NBA right now.

Every single sports league in the world has some sort of drug policy. Whether it be narcotics or performance-enhancing drugs, leagues always want to make sure that their players are following the rules in every way possible. Sometimes, these drug tests can be completely at random, and in the case of the NBA, they love springing PED tests on their players.

There have been some prime examples of that as of late, especially with Alex Caruso just last year. After posting a picture of himself looking shredded, the NBA called him the very next day. The same thing happened to De’Aaron Fox a couple of weeks ago, and some other players might have to deal with this as well. In fact, TMZ recently asked Rudy Gobert of this very phenomenon, although the Utah Jazz player insists he has nothing to worry about.

“No, I’m not worried,” Gobert explained. “I’m all clean, all organic, all-natural, all work.” Gobert has been working out a ton and based on his recent IG posts, the work is certainly paying off. With that being said, it wouldn’t be surprising if the NBA were to call him as well, given his improved physique.

The random drug tests are never fun, although they are an unavoidable issue when you are a high-level professional athlete.



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