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Russell Westbrook Links With Kevin Hart After Securing $47 Million


Russ is living the life right now.

Russell Westbrook made a massive decision yesterday as he officially opted into his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. This was pretty well a given when you consider how Westbrook was set to make a whopping $47.1 million. It would have been insane to opt out, especially since Westbrook had a pretty horrific year with the Lakers in 2022.

Regardless, Westbrook decided to celebrate his deal in style as he took to the LAVO Ristorante in Los Angeles, where he was joined by none other than Kevin Hart. According to TMZ, the two were having a great time and when they came out of the restaurant, they were captured by cameras. It seems as though Westbrook is enjoying life right now, and who wouldn’t at his salary?

Earlier in the day, Westbrook posted a video on his Twitter account in which he could be heard singing along to Beyonce’s new song “Break My Soul.” Westbrook was in an incredible mood while doing so, and it seems like he was sending a subtle message to all of the haters out there who believe he doesn’t deserve that $47 million.

There is still a chance that Westbrook gets traded, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news from around the NBA world.



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