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Russell Wilson Compares Himself To Steph Curry


Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have struggled this season.

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL, however, this season has been particularly rough for him and the team. After hurting his finger, the team went on a losing skid, and even with him back in the lineup, they have yet to recover. It has been a harsh reality for the team as they are currently in one of the best divisions in the entire NFL, and are sinking to the bottom, very quickly.

Despite this new reality, Wilson and the Seahawks are very optimistic that they can still get it done right now. For instance, Wilson recently spoke to reporters, and according to Corbin K. Smith, the former Super Bowl winner is now comparing himself to a frontrunner for NBA MVP.

Russell Wilson

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Of course, that man in question is none other than Steph Curry. Wilson believes the Seahawks are going through similar trials and tribulations as the 2019 Warriors, and that moving forward, this Seahawks team can still get it done. These are some interesting comments, especially when you consider how there have been rumors of Wilson wanting out of Seattle. Clearly, Wilson is committed for the long haul, regardless of who might be the coach.

The Seahawks have a long way to go right now, but with Wilson putting on for the city, they certainly still have a chance at being great after the conclusion of this season.


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