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Russell Wilson Reacts To Breaking Massive Quarterback Record


Russell Wilson continues to stack up accolades.

Russell Wilson has consistently been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL over the last decade. He won a Super Bowl very early on in his career and while he hasn’t won one since there is no denying that he makes the Seahawks contenders year in and year out. Wilson’s teams typically finish the year off with a winning record, and it has allowed Wilson to enjoy one of the best records of any quarterback his age.

Last night, Wilson was playing against the San Francisco 49ers who are a divisional rival. In the end, the Seahawks came out on top, allowing Wilson to capture the 100th win of his career. As it turns out, this accomplishment was also huge because it broke an NFL record that puts him with the all-time greats.

Russell Wilson

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Wilson is now the fastest player to reach the 100-win mark. He did it in just 10 seasons and four games, while the previous record holder Peyton Manning did it in 10 seasons and 10 games. This just goes to show that Wilson has remained incredibly consistent during his time in the league, and there is no doubt he will be in the Hall Of Fame when it is all said and done.

The QB reacted to the accomplishment on Twitter saying “JESUS… YOU get ALL the Glory!!!”

Wilson and the Seahawks are in tough this season as the NFC West is loaded with talent. Regardless, they have experience and sometimes that is all you need to get through a difficult season.


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