Ryan Henry Sits Down With Best Friend After Sleeping With His Ex

Ryan Henry Sits Down With Best Friend After Sleeping With His Ex

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Ryan is the godfather to Anthony Lindsey’s son, but he admitted to sleeping with the mother of Anthony’s children.

Would you be able to forgive your best friend if they slept with the mother of your child? That has been the topic of discussion for fans of Black Ink Crew Chicago. The popular VH1 series is in its 7th season and things are heating up for star Ryan Henry. The tattoo mogul has allowed reality television cameras to capture his sordid moments over the years and this time, he is addressing the rumors that he slept with his best friend’s ex.

The two men haven’t spoken in months and sat down for a face-to-face confrontation that had fans glued to their screens. Anthony Lindsay was visibly hurt by Ryan’s actions, especially because Ryan is the godfather to his son.

During the confrontation, Ryan claimed that as soon as Anthony found out that Ryan slept with his ex, Anthony quickly told Ryan’s ex and the mother of his children, Rachel. Ryan believes his ex-friend wanted to “hurt me back,” but Anthony was more concerned with why his best friend would have sex with the mother of his children.

“I probably would have ended up taking a bullet for you,” said Anthony. “I made you my son’s godfather. You betrayed me, how can I get my son to trust you? How can I take my son to the n*gga that betrayed me more than anything in life?” Ryan admitted that his actions hurt more than just Anthony and kept telling him, “This is not about you.”

As the conversation intensified, Ryan also told Anthony, “Me putting my **** in her ain’t got **** to do with me being your ****ing friend.” Anthony responded by saying Ryan can’t do both, but Ryan interrupted him. “There you go, trying to figure out the logic to this **** ’cause you wouldn’t do it.”

Watch the intense conversation below.

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