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RZA Explains Why Tupac Was More “Dangerous” Than Biggie


The Wu-Tang icon spoke about Tupac being able to “infuse your emotional thought” as well as “arouse the rebel in you.”

The legacy of Tupac Shakur has taken center stage after Fat Joe’s comments went viral. The New York rapper suggested that DaBaby is the modern-day version of Tupac, causing Hip Hop fans to erupt on social media. Once again, Shakur was a topic of conversation during RZA’s chat with The Art of Dialogue, and the Wu-Tang Clan icon shared his thoughts on why Pac was more “dangerous” than The Notorious B.I.G.

“Then you go to Pac, once again, immaculate voice, but what Pac had, I think, was a way of touching us in all of our emotions,” said RZA.

Biggie, Tupac
Jerritt Clark / Contributor / Getty Images

“Like, Pac had the power to infuse your emotional thought, like ‘Brenda Has a Baby,’ ‘Dear Mama,’ but then he had the power to arouse the rebel in you. You know? And those two things—actually, he was probably more dangerous than Big, Notorious B.I.G.”

“Notorious B.I.G., we could party with him, to this day we’re still…but Pac, we’re probably, going to point, he was more going into the Malcolm X of things and society fears that.” The host added that Pac was communicating love while starting revolutions, and RZA added that the same could be said for Biggie, aside from the revolution aspect.

Do you agree with RZA’a take? Check out the clip of his conversation with The Art of Dialogue below.


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