RZA Laced An Eerie Masterpiece For Wu-Tang Clan’s “Careful”

RZA Laced An Eerie Masterpiece For Wu-Tang Clan’s “Careful”

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Today marks the fifty-second birthday of one of hip-hop’s most legendary producers — the RZA. As the man behind the W-emblazoned curtain, Bobby Digital has laced a vast number of Wu-Tang Clan classics, his dark and gritty style becoming synonymous with the Shaolin sound. Though he’s certainly amassed no shortage of memorable tunes, it feels appropriate to highlight one of his more underrated selections, circling back to The W for “Careful.” 

A standout on an album that deserves more love than it receives, “Careful” comes to life thanks to RZA’s genuinely unsettling production. Though not quite full-blown horror, there’s an underlying sense of menace that permeates throughout, inspiring each Clan member to succumb to their violent urges. It’s the birthday boy himself who kicks this one off, and while his verse is admittedly brief, his bombastic presence and unique vernacular remains second-to-none.

Happy birthday to one of the greatest producers of all time, and celebrate the occasion by revisiting an incredible Wu-Tang classic.


These ain’t the camera guys, cause terror in your eyes
Sweat on the hammer fly, Ways of the Samurai
Newsflash bulletin, Gods on the prowl
We full again, ruff men scuff Timbs
Sonic bionic lens, RZA console
Is it Bush or is it Dole, front row of the Super Bowl

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