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Saucy Santana Sometimes Sends His Ex-Girlfriends Money For Their Kids


The rapper spoke about dating women prior to coming out as gay and maintaining close relationships with his exes.

His “Walk” single became a viral hit and “Material Girl” followed, causing Saucy Santana to become a social media sensation. The rapper has been one of several new LGBTQIA voices in Hip Hop but during a conversation with Mona of the Don’t Call Me White Girl Podcast, Santana admitted that prior to coming out as gay, he dated women. It isn’t an uncommon story for those who may have experimented with their sexuality, but Santana also shared that he continues to have friendly relationships with his ex-girlfriends.

The rapper said that he told his loved ones he was bisexual in order to help them become more comfortable with him dating men.

“I had came out as bisexual at first, just thinking, if I come out bisexual, b*tches will get the clue,” he said during the interview. “And that’s why I tell people to this day, be yourself [because] b*tches gonna f*ck with you regardless. I told everybody I was bisexual and girls still wanted to be my girlfriend.”

Santana also shared that he sometimes CashApp’s his ex-girlfriends money to help them with their kids. Elsewhere during the chat, he spoke about the struggles of being a gay rapper in Hip Hop as he and Mona discussed why it is accepted that gay men can take on other careers in the industry including hairstyling and makeup artists, but there is still resistance when they want to drop bars.

Check out clips of the interview below.


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