It’s no secret that Twitter loves to thirst after the likes of Saweetie and Lori Harvey, but a recent link up between the pair has sent the internet into overdrive.

This past weekend, Harvey turned up to an event celebrating the fact that the “My Type” rapper had been declared MAC Cosmetic’s newest global brand ambassador.

Saweetie posted a photo dump from the event this morning, showing off her boujee look, designed by Christian Cowan. She seemed to be in great spirits, pouring drinks, posing for photos, and prepping her face.

In the now viral clip, the two girls can be seen, both dressed to the nines, clearly hyping up one another’s ensembles for the evening.

Unfortunately, we can’t hear what the girls are saying to one another, but like Tony Montana said, “the eyes, chico. They never lie.”

The intense stare that Harvey is giving Saweetie, and the way that the blonde bombshell pulled her friend in closer to talk tells us all that we need to know – some serious tea has been spilt.

As they so often do, Twitter users were quick to chime in with their opinions about the interaction.

What do you think the Icy Girls were whispering about? Let us know in the comments.