Scottie Pippen is a legend when it comes to the game of basketball, although in recent months, his legacy has taken a big hit as he looks to promote his new book Unguarded. This is a book that is filled with anecdotes about his time with the Chicago Bulls, and within the pages, he takes quite a few shots at Michael Jordan, who is essentially the reason why Scottie has six NBA championship rings on his shelf at home.

Recently, Pippen spoke to GQ where he was asked about the game of basketball and where he would rank himself all time. Pippen took a humble approach here and said it’s impossible to rank himself as there are other positions. In fact, Pippen said that he would rather rank himself among his team, which he believes is the greatest in the history of the game.

That’s when Pippen made a bizarre comparison to Tom Brady, claiming that Brady cannot be called the GOAT because he can’t play defense.

Scottie Pippen

Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Haute Living

“I’m gonna say, in basketball, there’s no way to place yourself, you know?” Pippen said. “There’s hard to play Tom Brady at the top of the NFL even though he’s won a lot of championships, there are almost 70 players on each team. Is he playing on every side of the football? Is he on kickoff? Is he on the punt return? Because if he ain’t plying all the roles, then he gotta give credit to his team. And I place myself with the greatest team that ever played in the NBA.”

While Pippen does make an interesting point, there is no denying that the quarterback has the greatest impact on the game, and Brady’s seven titles make him the most impactful player of all time. Not to mention, the guy won his seventh Super Bowl in just his first season with a new franchise.

Either way, Scottie’s hot take is getting some scrutiny right now, and deservingly so.