Scotty LVX Calls On Rick Ross For “Receipts”


Rising rapper Scotty LVX has been slowly building a buzz over the years but up until last summer, fans weren’t receiving a consistent stream of records from the rapper. The LA-based artist picked up the pace last summer, kicking off with “Trouble. A handful of singles later, and he’s already ramped up his output to coincide with his 2022 momentum. Today, he came through with a brand new banger alongside Rick Ross titled, “Receipts.” LVX’s smooth rap-sing flow is the anchor for the infectious single, breaking down his luxurious lifestyle, and his aspirations for more. Ross naturally complements the song’s premise with details of opulence and the dangers that come with fame.

Scotty LVX’s latest single arrives after the release of “It’s Only Right.”

Check out “Receipts” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Strapped up, we in two different game
I’m in the Chevy and blue twenty, that’s just on the paint 
I’m gettin’ rich, I’m with my n***as when they say we can’t
Never was a thief, but for my dog, I’ll rob a bank
G-Wagons and we switching lanes
Got the shooters with me, n***as dyin’ over fame


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