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Serena Williams Releases First Children’s Book – VIBE.com

When Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter Olympia in 2017, her family of three almost immediately became a family of four with the inclusion of Olympia’s favorite doll, Qai Qai.

The Black doll quickly became an animated sensation in the hearts and homes of fans with over 353,000 Instagram followers and over a million followers across platforms. Now, the tennis star is publishing her first children’s book dedicated to the beloved doll.

“Since realizing @RealQaiQai’s ability to spread joy to our own family and also millions of others around the world, we’ve wanted to tell her story in every way possible. We are so proud to announce Qai Qai’s first book, ‘The Adventures of Qai Qai,’ a story about the power of friendship and imagination,” Williams shared. 

With Good Morning America, she expressed, “People follow Qai Qai’s social media accounts for laughs and trending dance moves, but she represents something much deeper than that. Qai Qai has an infectious spirit and models a belief that anything is possible. This book reflects the lessons she teaches and embodies and we hope others can walk away inspired after reading ‘The Adventures with Qai Qai.’”

Check out the adorable video announcement above from Qai Qai herself. The Adventures of Qai Qai is available for pre-order now and is slated for release on Sept. 27, 2022. 

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