Last night was one to forget for Russell Westbrook as he and the Lakers lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in what should have been a guaranteed win. Westbrook was heated at the end of the game, and even got ejected as he went up to Darius Bazley and got in his face for dunking the ball with just a few seconds left on the clock.

As you can see in the clip below, the game was pretty well over although Bazley saw an opportunity thanks to a horrific inbound pass from Rajon Rondo. Bazley held onto the rim for an extended period of time, and Westbrook didn’t like that. The referees wanted to make sure that nothing else happened, and they quickly threw Westbrook out of the game.

Today on Undisputed, Skip Bayless spoke about the incident and had a pretty harsh take on the whole thing. As he told Shannon Sharpe, Bayless believes what Westbrook did to Bazley was simply “classless” and that it’s starting to reflect poorly on the Lakers as a whole.

“As highly respected as Russell Westbrook is by his peers, going after Darius Bazley was classless. That’s just hotheaded Russ losing his cool, his poise, his temper,” Bayless explained.

The Lakers have had it rough so far this season, and as a staunch critic of the team, Bayless has no problems going after the team’s star. If the Lakers keep this up, Bayless will have enough fodder for the next two seasons worth of Undisputed episodes.