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Skip Bayless Irate Following LeBron James’ “Dirty Play” On Isaiah Stewart


Skip Bayless was pushing agendas at an impeccable rate this morning.

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart were the talk of the NBA world last night as they got into an altercation that led to a security presence in Detroit. Essentially, James elbowed Stewart right in the face and it left him all bloodied up. Stewart was enraged by this and as a way to exact revenge, he tried to break free from his teammates and hunt LeBron down.

Luckily for the Lakers superstar, LeBron was being protected by security staff and teammates, who weren’t going to let Stewart get to him. Overall, it was quite a memorable scene and fans couldn’t help but make memes to make light of the whole ordeal.

Today on Undisputed, professional LeBron hater Skip Bayless went off on the altercation as he was practically screaming at times while debating Shannon Sharpe. Bayless called LeBron’s play “dirty” and even called for him to get suspended. 

“LeBron James closed his fist! And he looked at that man right in the face before leading with his elbow and then cold-cocking Isaiah with his forearm and the back of his fist! LeBron should be suspended,” he said.

Sharpe had a different take on the whole thing as he felt like Stewart was putting on a tough guy act, even though he really didn’t have to. After all, Stewart had an opportunity to swing on LeBron immediately after the elbow but chose not to.

Let us know whose side you agree with, in the comments section below.


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