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Skip Bayless Reveals How His Career Comes Before His Wife


Skip Bayless takes his TV career very seriously.

Skip Bayless is one of the most polarizing voices on television right now. Whenever he opens his mouth, you are either going to love what he has to say, or you are going to hate it. There really is no in-between. Right now, Bayless is on Undisputed which airs on FS1 and is co-hosted by Shannon Sharpe. Over the years, the two have had phenomenal chemistry, and there is no doubt that they make for some great TV in the morning.

A couple of years ago, Bayless had his wife Ernestine on the show to discuss her book which was all about living with Skip, who is extremely quirky given his obsession with sports. The two seemed to be a match made in heaven, and Bayless was gushing the whole time as his wife got to talk about him at length.

Skip Bayless

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

While Bayless’ marriage is going just fine, it appears as though it is not the most important thing in his life. During a segment on his brand new shoe, Bayless even admitted that his career always comes first and that it’s his whole life. Bayless ultimately told his wife this when they met, and it doesn’t seem like she minds, as the two have remained together.

“I’m married to this…when I met my wife I told her, ‘You’ll always be number 2 to my job, which is my life,'” Bayless said.

Bayless isn’t the only person out there with this mentality, however, it is still interesting to see him admit it in such an honest way. Let us know what you think of Bayless’ remarks, in the comments section down below.


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