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Snoop Dogg Is Looking For The Architect Behind The Crate Challenge

Snoop Dogg Is Looking For The Architect Behind The Crate Challenge

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Snoop Dogg has questions about the viral challenge.

Over the weekend, the crate challenge began to make waves across social media as people filmed themselves walking up and climbing down a staircase made out of milk crates. Most do not make it over the pyramid of crates and end up falling flat on their face.

Snoop Doggexpressed his fascination for the viral challenge over the weekend in a hilarious video he posted to Instagram. “Quick question: who is the n***a that’s settin’ up all these mothafuckin’ milk crates for n***as to bust they head on? Who is the architect of the statue that these n***as can’t seem to complete? I’d like to meet the n***a that made the egg carton mothafuckin’ crates lined up bridge of death,” said Snoop Dogg. “Yousa hell of a n***a. Your architectural skills needs to be commended.”

In the 24 hour period that followed the post, Snoop Dogg shared his favorite crate challenge submissions including one of a man who effortlessly completed the task while rolling a blunt. 

The Milk Crate challenge might seem all fun and games but a few people have revealed that they’ve been severely injured doing the challenge. We do not recommend you follow suit but check out some of Snoop Dogg’s favorite milk crate challenge submissions below. 

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