Some fuels set to cost DOUBLE what they did last year

Some fuels set to cost DOUBLE what they did last year


Sobering. Depressing. Sickening. Disturbing. There isn’t an adjective strong enough to describe how the general public has been left feeling, after it was revealed that the petrol price could rise by more than R3-per-litre in June.

Grotesque petrol price increase set to cripple SA

A horrendous mix of rising oil prices, plummeting rand values, and the lifting of a suspension on the General Fuel Levy will pile on the costs for our petrol and diesel prices, which have already reached dizzying new heights in 2022.

The motorists of Mzansi are now facing abject misery on the forecourt, with inland citizens likely to pay more than R25-per-litre to fill up their tanks next month. That figure is all the more jarring, when you consider what we were forking out only last year.

These motorists will have to fork-out DOUBLE what they were paying fuel, less than a year-and-a-half ago…

As recently as January 2021, you could purchase diesel from a coastal retailer for as little as R12.40p/l. However, according to the latest forecasts, a litre of diesel in these regions will soon cost R24.83 – more than DOUBLE the price set down just 17 months ago.

Both grades of petrol, in coastal AND inland regions, have risen by about R10p/l within the same period of time. The increment in diesel has been so sharp, it has now overtaken petrol as the most expensive fuel in Mzansi.

Petrol price forecast for June 2022: It’s not pretty

In June 2021, petrol was costing inland customers between R16.90p/l to R17.10p/l. At the time, it was pushing a record-high value. Little did we know what was to come, however. Diesel was also comparatively cheap 12 months ago, valued in the region of R14.05p/l to R14.66p/l. Alas, it’s all changed now…

  • You can see the latest projections for the June 2022 petrol price HERE:
Fuel type Forecast per-litre costs for COASTAL regions in June 2022 Forecast per-litre costs for INLAND regions in June 2022 Projected increase
Grade 93 petrol R24.11 R24.76 +R3.25
Grade 95 petrol R24.40 R25.15 +R3.31
Diesel wholesale R24.83 R25.45 +R3.46

[All fuel price data provided by AA South Africa]

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