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Songstress Ryah Wants To Know What Ya “Doing” On Her Newest Single – VIBE.com

We know that story of young talented singers that grow up before our eyes and then, BAM! They are all glammed up and we wonder where did the time go? Well that’s the question I have for Ryah, as I’ve seen her go from starry eyed potential to “I’m here now” presence. Her newest single, “Doing,” has the R&B siren letting her love interest know that she’s hip to the game of getting her feelings roused up after a brief break in their action.

In her own words Ryah says, “I wanted men to know that I am not playing games and women to know their worth and that they do not need to settle for less. Many guys don’t tell you what they want and it can get very confusing but at the same time I knew what I deserved.”

The New York native sings, “I just got a lot on my mind/I swear we do this everytime/pulling me in when I’m off you/ when you know just love won’t do…” Ouch! Ryah’s steadfast approach to holding her ground does come with a caveat though, “Saying you want me you betta make it clear/Cus you and me a movie/let’s make a scene right here.” Tough words to match a rugged emotion, yet the soundscape of music offers a sensual feel that let’s you know Ryah’s heart is open to reconcile if the demands are met.

It’s great to see her grow into her womanhood and take control of the visuals in this video, that shows off her dance skills and “what you gonna do about it” attitude. “When I shot the video, I wanted it to be sexy, yet playful…not giving too much, but allowing the viewer to have their own interpretation,” she explains. “There’s a lot of layers and I wanted you to question what happened in the end. You see a woman who is frustrated, wants to be loved, but isn’t going to settle just for anything.”

Be on the look out for Ryah’s full project soon.

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