Sorry, how much? Here’s what Bathabile Dlamini STILL earns each month


Bathabile Dlamini is having quite the day in court on Wednesday. The former minister has been found guilty of perjury, and her ordeal doesn’t end there – she is due to be sentenced later this afternoon. However, details submitted to the Magistrate reveal that the ANC Women’s League leader is still raking it in.

Bathabile Dlamini GUILTY of perjury

Long seen as a problematic addition to the ANC’s hierarchy, Bathabile was kicked from the Cabinet by President Ramaphosa in one of his previous reshuffles. Dlamini had left a trail of destruction behind her, causing the most notable damage at SASSA. The agency was barely functioning when she left the role.

A subsequent set of hearings were held for the politician, in an attempt to unpack what had gone wrong at the social grants agency. However, her testimony was ruled to be ‘untruthful’ – landing her with a perjury conviction.

  • Ahead of the sentencing, the state was pushing for Bathabile Dlamini to receive a term BEHIND BARS:

Will she be jailed?

Perjury is punishable by both incarceration and a substantial fine. In rare cases, both can be given. Bathabile Dlamini has a previous fraud conviction to her name, and the state has noted that this cannot be ignored.

However, the defence have argued that their client could not afford to pay a hefty punitive fee, given that her salary from the ANC Women’s League is ‘not a permanent arrangement’. They also claim that Dlamini is a single parent who is paying tuition fees for her two daughters, while also caring for her elderly parents.

How much money does Bathabile Dlamini earn?

However, this sob story hasn’t gone down too well with the public. Her lawyers also revealed that Bathabile Dlamini receives a very healthy income, which is broken down into the following:

  • She gets R70 000 each month as the ANC Women’s League President.
  • Her pension is worth R40 000 per month, too.
  • Bathabile Dlamini is, therefore, clearing R110 000 on a monthly basis.
  • Over the course of a year, the ANC veteran makes R1.3 million.
  • Her salary is worth more than an MP’s, and she makes roughly the same amount as a minority party leader.


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