It looks as if Soulja Boy has come down with a case of baby fever. The 31-year-old rapper is known for his comedic antics and internet beefs, but Soulja has suggested that he is ready for fatherhood. He has amassed tremendous success for nearly two decades and he does not look to be slowing down as he has announced new projects and partnerships in addition to his flourishing music career.

On his Instagram Story, Soulja let it be known that he’s looking to enter into a new phase of his life. It just may be time for Big Draco to welcome Lil’ Draco.

Soulja Boy
Mark Davis / Staff / Getty Images

“I have everything I want in life except for a son,” he said. “God please bless me I’ve been patient.” It is unclear if Soulja Boy has his love locked down with a lady friend, but a few of his relationships have been publicized—and scrutinized.

Most famously, Soulja was in a relationship with Nia Riley, as their on-again-off-again romance was put on display on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The pair have long since split, although allegations continue to plague them. Many years ago, there were rumors that Soulja was engaged to model Rosa Acosta, but she quickly stepped in to say that wasn’t true.

Check out his post below.