Soulja Boy is always in the middle of something. 

Whether it’s his “beef” with Donda rapper Kanye West, or his “beef” with Sincerely, Kentrell rapper NBA YoungBoy, or his “beef” with seemingly every other rapper in the game, or something else, like being the “first” rapper to do this or the “first” rapper to do that, the “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” rapper has spent the better part of 15 years finding his way into the middle of highly visual, highly publicized situations. 

And despite being caught making a couple of untrue statements, like that he owns the video game company Atari, Soulja Boy is always flexing his business acumen.

In a recent IG Live, Young Draco is posted in what looks like a private train car, flexing all kinds of cash.

Holding the money up to his ear and thumbing through endless $100s, Soulja broke down his finances, and claimed that he makes at least $100K per day. 

“These n****s broke as hell. F*ck wrong with y’all broke a**, b*tch a** n****s? N**** I been making a $100K a day, n****,” the “She Make It Clap,” rapper assured. “I been making $100K a day. These n****s broke. I’m the n***a with the bands.”

Soulja continues to explain that he made between $2-3 million in a month before revising his statement to say he makes closer to $7 million per month. That math doesn’t necessarily add up with his claim of making $100K per day, but it’s tough to argue with someone holding tens-of-thousands of dollars in cash. It’s doubtful that we’ll ever find out exactly how much money Big Soulja is making per day or per month, but according to the man himself, he’s the one with all the money, and everybody else is broke. 

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