His antics have made for iconic moments in pop culture, but Soulja Boy has been facing backlash since the death of Young Dolph. Days ago, the 36-year-old rapper was gunned down as he purchased cookies for his mother just hours before he was scheduled to host his annual turkey drive for the holidays. Dolph regularly gave back to his hometown of Memphis and the Hip Hop community was left stunned by his callous murder.

Meanwhile, Soulja has been accused of being dismissive and disrespectful of Dolph’s passing and his peers have called him out. Dolph’s artist Snupe Bandz shared a DM exchange with Soula showing the “She Make It Clap” rapper wanted to end the beef he had with Dolph and the late rapper’s team, but when that conversation went viral, Soulja doubled down on his dismissiveness.

Young Dolph
Jason Mendez / Contributor / Getty Images

This controversy has previously caused Soulja to be removed from the Millennium Tour’s St. Louis and Memphis shows, and Soulja jumped on Instagram Live to defend himself.

“[Just because] homie dead I’m supposed to be sad and sh*t, like what the f*ck, n*gga? Y’all n*ggas lame. You got me f*cked up ’cause if that would have been me, y’all n*ggas would have been laughing and sh*t and crackin’ jokes and it wouldn’t have been no rest in peace Soulja Boy,” he said. “I could see if y’all would have squashed that sh*t.” He said he would have had more respect if that was the case.

“Y’all n*ggas was just telling me I’m a b*tch and y’all gon’ slap me and y’all gon’ shoot me and do this and do that!… F*ck that!” he continued. “Is y’all n*ggas stupid?! You know how this sh*t work, n*gga!” Soulja remained defiant and insisted that people would have been celebrating his downfall. 

“How ’bout next time, stay out my motherf*ckin’ DMs and watch yo motherf*ckin’ mouth. How about that, n*gga… P*ssy ass n*gga.” Watch the clip of Soulja Boy’s Livestream rant below.