Tyga’s facing domestic violence charges after he turned himself into the LAPD. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend filed a police report accusing him of hitting her before going to the internet to show the visible bruises on her face. Tyga has yet to make any public statement on the matter after he posted $50,000 bail and was released from jail. However, Soulja Boy had plenty to say on the matter.

Chris McKay/Getty Images

Draco took to social media where he shared a side-by-side image of Tyga and Camaryn Swanson’s bruised eye before using his 2018 tagline to brag about having the “biggest comeback.” The rapper then took to Instagram Live where he continued to heckle Tyga over his recent arrest.

“Who the fuck is Tyga? Out here beating up girls and shit, man. What’s wrong with you, man? They got your crazy ass locked up. Tyga, what’s wrong with you?” he asked while holding up a stack of cash to his ear and laughing. “Can somebody tell Tyga that you can not put your hands on females, crazy man.”

Fans were quick to point out that Soulja Boy faced similar allegations in the past few months. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend Nia Riley accused the rapper of putting a gun to her head earlier this year while another woman filed a lawsuit against him for domestic violence months later.